Pornoterror en London!!!

Bueno, pues aquí me hallo, en esta ciudad extraña y bella, de la que tengo hermosos recuerdos a pesar de que nunca he terminado de sentirme cómoda con sus habitantes autóctonos (son una especie en peligro de extinción en según que barrios). Pero estoy muy bien acompañada por unas anfitrionas estupendas, Mariana y Lola, mas la señora Mery Llopins que también anda por aquí junto a la gran sorpresa de Carmen Balangueres que siempre se me aparece en los lugares más remotos e insospechados. Así que parece que el finde pinta interesante.

Mañana hago un taller de ejaculación y el sábado performance (estreno ida de olla nueva, en primicia, jajajaja) + “Mi sexualidad es una creación artística” y charla con María Llopis y Marianissima. Y organizado, no olvidar, con los esfuerzos de Nuria Campreciós y Lola Clavo (y ni un puto duro por parte de Fringe! Festival, que nunca está de más decirlo, coño).

Aquí dejo toda la info aunque en realidad está ya todo “sold out” es decir, que no quedan entradas, desde hace una semana!!!

También estamos preparando una acción de soporte a Pussy Riot el domingo. Mañana por la mañana ya decidimos exactamente qué, pero seguramente será en la embajada de Rusia a media tarde. Colgaré más info en un día. Y para quienes no sepáis de qué coño estoy hablando ni quiénes son Pussy Riot, toda la info AQUÍ.

Buen weekend!

////// Female ejaculation Workshop ///// FRIDAY 13TH /////

Toda la info AQUÍ – All the information HERE

Dark Room

FRIDAY 13th April, 6pm-1am
Lumiere, 88 Chatsworth Road, London E5 0LS
£2 donation on the door

Stav B’s liquor bar is very proud to announce the hosting of the short film screenings for the second year of the fringe film festival. This year, we are pushing the happening further, by replicating womens’ dark and cruising rooms…inspired by the seedy and stylish beauty of womens’ bars from the 20s to 40s in paris, berlin and new york

short film screenings
MDMX… are spinning
is spinning
hair salon/ cuts and styles

details to follow

we are also launching GOODYN GREEN’S CATALOG; a series of photographs of queer women’s erotica, all the way from berlin…


With queer activist and performance artist Diana J. Torres

Diana will be conducting an enlighten workshop on female ejaculation, revealing the lesser known aspects of this for-too-many-years silenced phenomenon of women’s sexuality whilst revealing tactics and practical tips.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn about the theoretical approach on female ejaculation and about addressing the myths surrounding it.

Timing: about 2h

Audience: All welcome to the workshop. Please note Stav B’s Liquor Bar is Women Only, Trans Welcome.

Diana has held many workshops in on street pornoterrorism, female ejaculation, fisting, and performance art.

IMPORTANT INFO: Please reserve your place via EventBrite

This reserves you a space at the workshop as numbers are limited.
Participants can then pay the £6 contribution upon arrival. For specific cases of non-budget but great motivation towards the workshop contact Diana directly on, as she is willing to grant people who can’t afford paying but demonstrate true passion on the subject.

NB: A small £2 cover charge for the Liquor Bar is payable on entry to the Venue, which is hosting a curated event of film, performance art, DJs & exquisite cocktails by Stav B as well as launching Goodyn Green’s Catalog Magazine and a dark room for your cruising pleasure.

Please note that this event has been prepared for a limited, adult audience for their information, education and entertainment and is strictly RSVP only. Adults Only

all welcome RSVP @ Facebook

///// Pornoterrorist Performance ///// SATURDAY 14TH /////

Post Porn Performances

A Queer_Feminist Perspective on the Politics of Porn


Mi sexualidad es una creación artística / My sexuality is an artistic creation Directed by Lucía Egaña Rojas 2011 | 46 min |Spain

The documentary “My sexuality is an artistic creation” gives voice to individuals and groups who work and create the postporno now in Barcelona. After seven interviews carried out a tour that aims to uncover the causes, motivations and peculiarities of this scene, where the quest to build other forms of representation of sexuality is a result visibilizing where art and political activism are impossible to separate.

Followed by a Q&A with SPECIAL GUESTS: María Llopis and Mariana Echeverri (aka Marianissima)


by DIANA J. TORRES for the first time in London

“Pornoterrorism” is a political-artistic concept developed by Diana J. Torres (Madrid 1981) expressed in several forms. One of these – perhaps the most important – is direct action: live performance.

Diana J. Torres is a multidisciplinary artist whose key tools include performance, poetry, video and porn/post-porn. She works on live shows in which the audience is forced into some kind of involvement, be it emotional, political and/or sexual. She has also developed as an activist in the fields of sexuality, postporn, the queer movement, transfeminism and prostitution. She has held workshops on street pornoterrorism, female ejaculation, fisting, performance, etc.

A “pornoterrorist” performance contains very basic ingredients: poetry (obscene, insurgent, revengeful, surreal); the naked body as a tool both for provocation and communication; image (the images projected during the performance are pornographic, martial, gory, surgical, outrageous and distressing); blood and pain (used almost cathartically); sex and orgasm; rage and nonconformism.

This show is not suitable for all audiences. It is essential to come prepared with a well lubricated mind that will be penetrated without prior warning. It is a show for the brave, and for lovers of perversion.


CURATED BY Nuria Camprecios and Lola Clavo


STRICTLY OVER 18′s Only. This event contains discussion, film and performance featuring explicit, hardcore sex which some people might find challenging.

It has been prepared for a limited, adult audience for information, education and entertainment and is strictly RSVP only